Split the bucket proves to be a great success

Killarney RFC have a new and exciting fundraiser up and running called Split the Bucket, a weekly draw where entrants can win money for only €2. We have buckets at various venues around Killarney – bars, restaurants, shops etc – check out our website for a comprehensive list of venues. The concept of the draw is simple, simply place your €2 into the envelope at the venue, write your name and phone on the envelope and you could possibly ‘split the bucket!’

The beauty of this draw is that there is also a prize for the serving staff who gave out the winning envelope, so there is a very nice incentive for the venues to get involved. As each entrant put the name of the server/barperson etc onto the envelope, that person can win 10% of the total brought in each week. We then split the remaining money 50/50 between the winner and the club. So, each week we actually have 2 winners!

This weekend marks the 4th weekend of the draw. The first draw took place at the Golden Nugget in Fossa with Frank Cullothy winning a cool €394 while barman Kevin Kelliher of The Shire won €87. The second draw was won by Dominic Dixon who won €320 while Pat, the barman at the Killarney Avenue won €70. Last Saturday night the draw took place at the Killarney Avenue as the Cup Final was on Sunday and David Kerins won €346 while barman Niall won the sellers prize. A different bar will be the venue each wek and we will announce the details across our social media platforms. Draws will generally take place on Sunday evenings and will be shown live on Facebook.

The split the bucket draw is a new fundraiser for Killarney RFC, whose Seniors won the Martin O’Sullivan Cup at Irish Independent Park last weekend. recently Club Captain Peter Kelly was awarded Munster Rugby Volunteer of the month while our Minis section is the current Munster Rugby Minis Club of the season. The club has recently redeveloped the main and juvenile pitches at our home in Aghadoe, spending over €120,000 on the pitches and next season we will have pitches to rival any. To this end we kicked off a sponsor a sod fundraiser last Summer which has been successful and now the split the bucket fundraiser aims to raise funds for the club. If you would like any more information, check out ourwebsite at www.krfc.club/split-the-bucket for more details.

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