Kingdom Gospel Choir going from strength to strength

A Killarney based choir is going from strength to strength and gaining new members on a regular basis.

The Kingdom Gospel Choir is a choir with over 120 members who range from the age of 16 to to the age of 90. It is an open, fun and inviting environment for all people, of all musical standards. The musical director Caoimhe Lynch set it up in January of 2018 when she was 19 years old and the choir has grown to be one of Kerrys biggest choirs. The choir sing a range of songs to satisfy everyone’s musical taste. The choir rehearse every Friday at 8pm in the John Paul II pastoral Centre, Rock Road, Killarney.

“I set this choir up to be a place for everyone to come and leave with the feel-good factor. Life has enough stresses and lows, I wanted to start something to give people a lift, and for it to be something that anyone could join. We started as a choir and now are like one big family. The atmosphere every Friday is electric. You cannot come to rehearsal and leave in a bad mood. It’s a judgement-free, fun and open environment to come, sing and destress for an hour every Friday”, Caoimhe told the Killarney Outlook.

“Caoimhe has such a big heart. She truly cares about all her choir members and you can sense that every week at rehearsal. The mood of a choir is set by the choir director and she has set such a positive, inviting and fun atmosphere. She is extremely charitable in her personal life, and within in the choir. She has raised money for numerous charities with the choir and has an ethos of spreading love and kindness to everyone she encounters. Caoimhe runs the choir voluntarily, free of charge, so that there are no restrictions when joining it. I absolutely love going to choir every Friday and I always leave feeling elevated. We all have such a laugh. It’s a great start to the weekend”, one of the Choir members, Siobhan told the Killarney Outlook.

After the massive success of the adults choir, Caoimhe has gone on to start a children’s gospel choir –  “The Kiddie’s Kingdom Gospel Choir”. This choir started in January 2019, already has 50 children. They rehearse every Saturday at 12pm in the John Paul II pastoral Centre, Rock Road, Killarney. It is for children aged 7-14 to come, sing, laugh, make friends and have fun!

New members are always welcome to both choirs. For more information contact Caoimhe on 0870669858.

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