Popular Open Day: Crowds travel to Castleisland to drop into “favourite” shop

There is very few businesses that once called by their name, people can match the town. Brownes of Castleisland is one of those on a very short list. Whether you are from Tralee or Killarney, from Brosna or even Killorglin people just know where it is.

So it was not all that strange really that when the popular Topline store held their annual open day that the news went out across the county and unlike many messages that scatters to the four winds, this one was heard far and wide and the crowds did flock, almost in biblical numbers.

From early morning manager John Daly marshalled his well trained troops as they took to their stations ready to answer all sorts of questions on the wide range of products that are supplied and with the product experts drafted in, along with no shortage of “local” experts, we are told that not one query went unanswered.

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