Presentation Secondary School student Laura Daly wins five World Titles for Dance

Last week Laura Daly achieved world recognition for her talent in dance. Well known for her ballet, jazz and lyrical dance abilities Laura along with the Academy of Dance, competed at the highest level in Spain over the Easter break.

Laura and her team performed 5 routines at the International Competition. The competitions took place over a series of 3 days.

According to Laura ‘The atmosphere during the whole competition was incredible and the teams were very supportive of one another. By the end of the competition we had won 5 world titles. This was an incredible moment for the whole team’. 

Laura gives huge credit to her dance teacher Clarissa Michaux. Whom she describes as ‘an inspiration and a positive person to be around’. 

In total Team Ireland won:

– World’s best choreography overall

– 1st for modern overall

– 1st overall for lyrical modern

– Best overall theatre performance

– 1st overall for dance mix.

Laura describes representing Ireland as an experience of a lifetime that will never be forgotten and one, she will treasure forever.

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