Wall wants to get Tralee working again


Fianna Fail candidate Johnnie Wall may be at the bottom of the ballot paper on May 24thbut he is hopeful that it will be top of the pile when the votes are counted on May 25th


This week the former town councilor in an interview with the Tralee Outlook sated that his intention is to “get Tralee working again”


“Since the demise of the town council, Tralee has seen a stagnation and lack of focus on amenity and environmental development. A prime example being our Town Park. The initial focus of most tourist activity in Tralee and that of many towns-people is the  “Rose Garden” and the town park including all its amenities

This should be our “best foot forward”, a projection of what we are and hope to achieve. However since the start of the year the area has been utterly and willfully neglected, a total lack of focus by our current representatives –how could they allow this to happen?”


Wall also feels more needs to be done for the ageing population in the area, especially when it comes to matters of accessibility.”


“The elderly population are finding access to the town centre difficult and car-parking is too far a walk for many of them. During my last time as Mayor of Tralee we introduced the concept of “Set down areas” i.e. free parking in a designated parking spot for 15 minutes to do your business. All the main streets had a number of “Set Down Areas” some of which have now been removed.

These areas are very popular with commercial property operators in central areas –why were they removed?” he questions.


Wall also believes that these matters can only be dealt with an effective Council specifically focused on the town.


“If elected I will work towards a town focused Council. This would go a long way to redress the downward slide in the perceived maintenance and fabric of the town itself.” He added



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