Murphy’s Icecream to Go Atlantic Blue on World Oceans Day

Famous landmarks  buildings, businesses, schools and homes across Ireland will ‘Go Atlantic Blue’ over the weekend 7-10 June to celebrate our connection to the Atlantic Ocean, as part of World Oceans Day. The global day (Saturday 8 June) connects people worldwide in celebrating the ocean, its importance in our lives and how each of us can protect it, no matter where we live.

Murphy’s Ice Cream in Killarney, Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium will be lighting up its ocean tunnel and shark tank blue, Blennerville Windmill  will also be lit up blue  as they join in the national ‘Go Atlantic Blue’ campaign.

In Ireland, more than 30 different landmarks are expected to participate in the day by lighting up their buildings. Businesses, shops, schools and homes across the country will also ‘Go Atlantic Blue’ on the day. Everyone’s participation will highlight the strong connection that people in Ireland have with the Atlantic Ocean and the multiple ways that it affects and enriches our daily lives.

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