Fianna Fail Party remember a “Legend”

This week members of the local Fianna Party in Castleisland and throughout Kerry were remembering the late James Lyons who died recently.

 “The late James Lyons was a colossal figure within the local Fianna Fail party,” the statement read.

 James became an active member of the Thomas Davis Cumman at the age of 16 years and became Treasurer of the Cumman in 1957, a post which he held with distinction over the years, up to recent times. James also served as secretary of the Castleisland Fianna Fail Comhairle Centair and canvassed in all Local, General and European Elections over the years campaigning for such names as Cllr Michael Long (RIP), Cllr and later Deputy Denis Foley (RIP), Cllr and Deputy Tom McEllistrim, (RIP), MEP’s Jerry Collins and Brian Crowley, along with in recent times Deputy John Brassil and Cllrs Niall Kelleher, Tom Fleming, John Joe Culloty and Fionnan Fitzgerald.

 Speaking with the Outlook Mayor of Kerry and Fianna Fail Cllr Niall Kelleher revealed that James Lyons was the reason why he was in politics.

“When I first ran for nomination I went to James and he pointed me in the right direction. He was a mad of incredible wisdom having seen and done so much for the local party. He is certainly a massive loss but he inspired many along the way and we will always remember him. James was a true and loyal member of the Fianna Fail party during his life time and was given a life time achievement award by Deputy Jim O’Callaghan and Deputy John Brassil not too long ago.”

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