As important as subs are on a football team, so do passengers play an important role in road safety. Being a backseat driver could save your life.

With large crowds taking to the roads for the Kerry versus Mayo game on Sunday in Killarney, two local authorities are taking the opportunity to remind passengers to be proactive when the person behind the wheel is driving dangerously or putting other passengers or road users at risk.

Kerry County Council and Mayo County Council are reminding all road users that passengers have a role to play.

‘Passengers should fasten safety belts. If a driver violates traffic rules, a passenger should not be afraid to draw it to the driver’s attention,’ said Michelle Mullane of the Roads Directorate with Kerry County Council.

‘Drivers should be aware that they are responsible for passenger safety. So far this year, ten passengers have been killed on Irish roads out of a total of 79 people who have lost their lives on the roads. We don’t want to add to those figures this weekend,’ said Michelle.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer with Mayo County Council said: ‘Of course it’s hard to speak out when it’s someone close to you that’s driving poorly, but if you don’t, then who will? The one thing I would encourage all passengers, whatever their age, to do when they get into a car is to look at the driver and ask themselves: “Do I want to entrust my safety to you?” Because once that door closes, that’s what you’re doing,’ said Noel.

Both local authorities are urging passengers and all motorists to be aware of the ‘Fatal Five’:

• Speeding

• Seatbelts

• Fatigue

• Alcohol and drugs

• Distraction and inattention

A passenger could influence a positive outcome on every one of those contributory factors to accidents.

Both local authorities are wishing all those travelling to Sunday’s game a very safe and enjoyable day.

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