Tara Donoghue Photography 10th year in business

Our 10th year in business birthday celebrations were
held in the Killarney brewery on the Sunday evening the 28th October.
We had a great night of fun and entertainment with our guests, who included many
of our past couples, friends and acquaintances with whom we’ve worked over the
Tara Donoghue Photography was started back in 2008 with just 2 employees (Tara
& Dave) and have slowly built our company, client base and reputation from a
mere 8 weddings the first year to having shot over 300 weddings in 10 years.
Now having a capacity of 40 plus weddings each and every year with bookings
already taken as far ahead as 2022. We are also helping to pave the way for a
new generation of Kerry wedding photographers by teaching, coaching and
employing new and upcoming photographers and office staff to help expand the
brand and rejuvenate our ongoing passion for wedding photography.
Over the years we have experienced almost every imaginable outcome with regards
to happy, sad and funny scenarios that may arise during and leading up to a
wedding day. The two main things that we’ve learnt is how to carry on in the face
of adversity and just how different every wedding is. The dresses may be white,
(for the most part) and the vows may be similar but the couples and their
unique outlooks and inputs on their very own wedding days are remarkably
different each and every time. I’m sure every experienced wedding photographer has uttered these words at some point ‘I wish I had written all this down over the years, I could have written a book‘.
As we look forward to the next 10 years we would like to take the opportunity
to thank all our past clients for their custom, recommendations, praise, for the laughs and the
fun, for the delight and excitement and for the love and generosity we have
experienced over the years.
We would be delighted if you could help spread our thanks to those that we may
have missed during our mail outs and for those who we have simply lost contact
with over the years. We will be sending out images for press release soon.
If you require any further information regarding any matter please feel free to contact either Tara or Dave by email or by phone.


Answer the call of the wild

‘Call of the Wild’ to form part of Global Social Media Campaign 
Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin has announced, ‘Call of the Wild’, a joint initiative between the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland. 
The new initiative aims to give local people on the Wild Atlantic Way the opportunity to have their hidden gems included in a global social media campaign, while at the same time highlight to their own social network the beauty of the locality as a holiday destination. Over the coming weeks, locals from along the Wild Atlantic Way in County Kerry will be called on to share photos and videos that showcase the beauty of the West Coast on social media using the hashtag #MyWildAtlanticWay.
The best photos and videos will be shared by Tourism Ireland on its social platforms with millions of potential holidaymakers around the world (Tourism Ireland has around 4.3 million Facebook fans worldwide, almost 500,000 followers on Twitter and 425,000 followers on Instagram). Everyone who gets involved will have the chance to win a 2-night getaway along the Wild Atlantic Way.
Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin, commented on the ‘Call of the Wild’ initiative:
“This is the first of a number of regional tourism initiatives made possible due to the increased funding in tourism.  From stunning landscapes to exquisite food, there are many hidden gems along the Wild Atlantic Way known to Kerry locals, but undiscovered by the rest of the world. We are asking local people from along the Wild Atlantic Way to share their own ‘hidden gems’ with the world and help spread the word about the beauty of the West Coast by sharing their own photos or videos on social media using the hashtag #MyWildAtlanticWay.”
To launch the initiative in Kerry, Fáilte Ireland has teamed up with former All Ireland winner and Dancing with the Stars champion Aidan O’Mahony to answer the ‘Call of the Wild’ by sharing some of his favourite destinations across his social media accounts, encouraging his followers to follow suit and share their own favourites.
Aidan O’Mahony, Kerry: “In Kerry we’re very fortunate to have such beauty at our back door. It’s great to walk around the Wild Atlantic Way and take in the spectacular scenery. We have everything in the Kingdom including the people and the history. Everywhere you go, you don’t just have the scenery, you have the heritage and story behind it. I’m excited to join the Call of the Wild as the country we live in is amazing, but obviously I think Kerry is the most beautiful!”
Share your Wild Atlantic Way hidden gems using the hashtag #MyWildAtlanticWay before the 31st October for your chance to have your photos and videos be part of a global promotional campaign.